The Simple Cooking Guide

The secret to great curry is that it's really easy to cook.  Like most things, you just need the know-how and this cooking guide by Neena makes it incredibly simple to cook fresh, authentic Indian food at home.  You will never look back!

  • Includes over 25 amazing vegetarian, meat and seafood recipes from well-known classics to lesser known dishes that will blow your mind - see list of dishes below
  • Specific instructions for the fresh ingredients you need from your local store
  • Easy preparation and simple cooking steps will leave you amazed at what you create
  • Precise spice measures for every dish with total control of how spicy you want your dish

“get ready to impress at your next dinner party”

“incredibly easy dishes” Miami Herald

"even the most kitchen-shy are in great hands"

“If you can make chili, you can conquer this one”

“a detailed and easy-to-follow method” Leslie loves veggies

“easy to follow and difficult to resist”

“simple, easy-to-follow instructions“ Thrifyniftymommy

Recipes include Spicy Rice, Potato Curry, Spinach & Peas Curry, Garbanzo Bean Curry, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower & Eggplant Curry, Broccoli & Onion Curry, Corn Curry, Okra & Mushroom Curry, Lentil Curry, Crushed Vegetable Curry, Egg Curry, Cabbage, Peas & Potato Curry, Cauliflower & Peas Curry, Fish Curry, Spicy Shrimp Curry, Grilled Shrimp Masala, Chicken Curry, Lamb Madras, Chicken Korma, Ground Meat Kebabs, Chicken & Spinach Curry, Ground Beef & Kidney Bean Curry, Steak & Ale Vindaloo, Grilled Lamb Chops, Chicken Biryani, Raita, Red Chutney.

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